For 2023, our engineering team have developed a new high performance model (OEM-BSA). Offering an improved feature set this product has been specifically designed for prestige car manufacturers to meet or even exceed OEM standards. This is currently the most advanced blind spot driving assistance technology available. Please find details of OEM-BSA and S-BSA below.

This product is manufactured to order, please send car details over before placing an order.

Please send over car model, year and specify whether the car is LHD or RHD, and a photo for each mirror. We will then advise whether this can be produced for this car and the lead time for the production. This is usually between 7-10 working days. Production will start after the order is placed. This product is custom made to order so it is non-returnable. 2 year warranty on parts for S-BSA and 3 year warranty on parts for OEM-BSA.

Key features 

  • Easy wiring, only requiring an ignition switched 12v Power source from vehicle fuse box
  • Direct fit mirror glass replacements with integral LED warning lamps to alert you of an approaching vehicle
  • Optional audible warning via internal speaker
  • 2 x 24 gHz sensors (S-BSA) or 2 x 77 gHz (OEM-BSA) which mount behind the original bumper – invisible appearance once fitted
  • Instruction guide included (*Please note due to the wide range of vehicles, it is not possible to provided detailed trim removal guide for each vehicle. The installation guide will cover the electrical installation, recommended sensor placement and operation of the kit shown on a demo vehicle – trim removal procedures are available directly from most car manufacturers.)

Blind Spot and Lane Changing Assist function

Faster vehicles approaching within the blind spot detection range will be detected, and the yellow warning light will illuminate if the system algorithm detects imminent collision (within 3.5 seconds). When the left or right turn signal is activated, the relevant LED will blink quickly and an audible warning will be heard through the included speaker (if fitted).

  • S-BSA detection range up to 15m from behind and 3m from each side. S-BSA blind spot/lane changing assist function activates when ignition is on.
  • OEM-BSA detection range up to 78.5m from behind and 3m from each side. OEM-BSA blind spot/lane changing assist function activates when driving above 20kmh or 12.5mph.

Cross Traffic Warning

When the vehicle is in reverse gear with speed below 6mph, the cross traffic assist function will be active. If another vehicle approaches the detection range from either side, a visual and audible warning will be emitted (Speaker must be fitted to hear the audible warning)

  • S-BSA detection range up to 10m from each side.
  • OEM-BSA detection range up to 30m from each side.
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