If you observe  a constant flick between the IDCORE display and factory reverse image, this is due to your vehicles reverse data not exactly matching the IDCORE data.

There are two ways to solve this

  1. Before selecting reverse gear each time, switch back to the cars main menu using the HOME button to avoid this.
  2. For a permanent fix, the orange ‘REAR-C’ wire on the IDCORE power loom will need to be connected to the cars reversing lamp circuit positive wire(this can either be identified in the vehicle service manual OR testing the cabling on the rear lamp cluster with a multimeter with reverse selected). The power from this wire needs to be 10.3v or over, so it can provide sufficient power to the orange trigger wire “Rear-C”, and this will force OEM camera menu to display during Reverse gear is selected and will revert back to IDCORE menu automatically.