Object detection for improving agricultural vehicle safety

Improving safety for agricultural vehicles

The task

A USA based distributor of agricultural machinery contacted us with the goal of making the environment around clients tractors safer by providing the driver with more information on their surroundings when in the cab.

Physical mirrors can only show a proportion of the potential hazards around a vehicle, and an extra audible and visual warning can prevent an accident.

Services we provided

Hardware design, field testing, training manual provision

The solution

Our engineering team worked with our blind spot detection factory to create a dual sensor detection system with increased scope and a wider object detection angle.

IP65 engineered sensors are fitted to the front and rear of the tractor, allowing the driver to identify objects or persons that may not be visible when sitting in the cab.

Our engineers arranged for in field testing and a calibration graphic was also designed and printed to ensure accurate fitting of the sensors in relation to the vehicle.