Bespoke In-car microphone design for in car entertainment distributor

Improving the in-car calling experience

The task

Our client, a European based vehicle technology distributor approached us with a desire to improve the microphone solution they offered alongside their range of infotainment devices and hands free interfaces.

The existing microphone was not aesthetically pleasing, with audio quality below customer expectations. We believed that a sleeker, lower profile solution would also help them to differentiate their main product offering in a crowded market.

Services we provided

Technical analysis, testing, casing design/plastic moulding

The solution

Our engineering team worked in partnership with our dedicated microphone factory to analyse the specifications and performance of the existing microphone. Through extensive bench and in-vehicle testing we then worked towards finding a suitable sensor match that was not only more compact in size, but could offer improved sensitivity and frequency response.

Once the microphone parameters were established, it was necessary for our engineering team to design a suitable casing. Once a draft outer design was completed, a moulding design was proposed which ensured the microphone sensor was optimally mounted.

The end result was a compact design which was far more closely suited to modern vehicle interiors. External footprint was reduced by 50% and frequency response was improved by 30%.