How to perform touch calibration

(Only available for modules listed below)

To perform calibration, find relevant dip switch for your module below, switch to ON.

After pressing the red recessed RESET button on bottom of box, crosshair will appear on screen.

Carefully tap with your finger in all locations until ‘OK’ appears on the screen.

at this point, turn the relevant dip switch to OFF

IDC-B8C – Dip switch 2

IDC-CGT – Dip switch 2

IDC-JLRBSCRR – Dip switch 7

IDC-MAS – Dip switch 2

IDC-PCM31C – Dip switch 2

IDC-PCM30C – Dip switch 2

IDC-QAC – Dip switch 7

IDC-VWMK7C – Dip switch 2

IDC-VWTRG – Dip switch 2